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Atlantic Oilfield Service Centre Products

Atlantic Oilfield Service Center Inc. provides OCTG services to the oil and gas, energy, mining and construction industries of Atlantic Canada. AOSC is distributor for Centek Centralisers and products for eastern Canada.

AIS Distributes Centek Centralisers

AOSC Distributes Centek Centralisers

Atlantic Oilfield Service Centre is your local distributer for Centek Centralisers. Centek have rapidly become the UK’s leading innovator in centralizer design and manufacture. The Centek S2 centralizer is revolutionary in it’s design as it is a one piece unit. It has none of the characteristics of traditional bow spring centralizers, yet it remains a bow spring centralizer. The Centek S2 will provide the stand off and flexibility required of a bow spring yet due to it’s unique construction offers substantial robustness and strength. The Centek S2 is rapidly becoming the first choice for far reach deviated wells.

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